Insulating Glass Guide Blocks

For: Gunning Application (Insulating Glass)


  • Made from high quality Teflon, in any size needed


  • Will not crack or chip glass like brass or metal
  • Ease of handling and cleaning (Polysulfide and Butyl will not adhere to Teflon)
  • Easily dressed or machined to assure flow of material for a good seal
  • Stock sizes for immediate shipment: 3/16"-1/4"-5/16"-

Accu-Tec Insulating Glass Teflon Guide Blocks

How to Order:

  1. State thickness of glass being used in unit
  2. State thickness of spacer tube being used in unit
  3. State the overall thickness of the unit
  4. State type of guide block order (over, in-between)

Computerized Feed Through System

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