Arlon Glazing Tape - AWT 2

Arlon's AWT2 consists of a closed-cell copolymer foam coated on both sides with an aggressive acrylic adhesive system for optimum compatibility to a variety of sash materials. AWT2's exposed side is coated with an adhesive specifically designed for adhesion to treated wood, vinyl, and aluminum sash materials, while the liner side is used to seal lite surfaces. AWT2 is constructed with a patented cellular structured foam that is particularly resistant to weathering and water absorption, while providing a superior long-lived seal.


  • Seals effectively against water, dust and light.
  • Remains flexible at low temperatures and dimensionally stable at high temperatures.
  • Preformed tape provides consistent and accurate shim required.
  • Water white staining.
  • Excellent adhesion to wood, rigid vinyl and glass.
  • Requires no clean up...Easy to handle...Clean aesthetic appearance.
  • Superior resistance to weathering, oxidation and ultraviolet exposure.
  • No waste...Requires no mixing or special application equipment.

Property Test Method Typical 1Value
Density ASTM D-1667 2-6 lb./CU FT
Hardness ASTM D-2240 45-65 shore 00
Force to Compression ATM 2.5 psi (15%)
Force to Compression AAMA810.1 6.5 psi (25%)
Compression/Deflection AAMA810.1 5-12 psi (25%)
Compression Set AAMA810.1 1.0% loss from original height (30%)
Water Absorption AAMA810.1 1.0% (by weight)
Thermal Conductivity

.30 (K factor @ 70°F)
Peel Adhesion To Wood PSTC - 1 8lb/in (exposed side - 24hr)
Peel Adhesion 1 hour glass/wood AAMA810.1 8 LB/in
Tensile Adhesion (RT) AAMA810.1 60 psi
Elongation AAMA810.1 220-400%






1/32" 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" 300' Black, White
1/16" 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" 150' Black, White
1/8" 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" 75' Black, White
A.A.M.A. APPROVED Arlon is a member of the Architectural Aluminum Manufacturers Association. Arlon Glazing Tape products have been tested per A.A.M.A. 810.1-92 Type 1 "Voluntary Specification for Expanded Cellular Glazing Tape" and approved. Test results are available upon request.

Arlon Glazing Tape must be applied with firm, uniform pressure to a clean, dry surface without stretching. For additional surface preparation information, please request Arlon Technical Bulletin #83.02.

Tape corners should be cut and butted together, rather than overlapped or radiussed, and a thin bead of an approved seam sealant should be applied at the intersection after the liner has been removed.

15% minimal compression is recommended to provide an effective moisture seal.

Recommended application temperature: 60ºF to 100ºF (for lower temperature applications, contact Arlon for additional information).

Arlon Glazing Tape in-service temperature range: -60º to 180ºF.

Arlon Glazing Tape is compatible with other sealing and glazing compounds.


Store in a clean area free from exposure to excessive heat, moisture or direct sunlight (44% to 55% relative humidity, 50º to 80ºF). Shelf life under these conditions - one year.

Arlon Glazing Tape products are also available with pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side only. Product #AST. Materials are available in die-cut or segmented form.

Note: The information outlined here represents average values. Product performance will vary in each application, dependent upon composite construction. The responsibility of determining products suitability for each individual application must remain with the customer.

Arlon's Terms and Conditions apply.

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