Colonial Muntin Notcher / Keeper Bar Punch


Colonial Muntin Notcher/
Keeper Bar Punch

Air Powered


  • Double acting cylinder
  • Easy muntin change over
  • Durable long lasting heat treated tool steel
  • Interchangable dies
  • Self lubricating blade
  • Adjustable keeper punch to accommodate any size
    spacer or profiles from 3/16" to 7/8" (4.57mm to 22.09mm)


  • Clean accurate notching
  • Combines two machines in one - saves space and time
  • Will accommodate upper and lower sash size off-sets
  • Single adjustable stop block - saves time and eliminates possibility of muntin and spacer misalignment

Standard Equipment:

  • Palm button operation
  • Manual gauge bar

Optional Equipment:

  • Radius notcher die
  • Heavy duty cylinder
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Digital readout gauge bar

Operates on clean dry air, 70-90psi (10 CFM)

Part of a unique McKeegan notching, punching, and crimping system for spacers and muntin.
Patent #5,574,651

Computerized Feed Through System

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