Accu-Flo Gas Sensing Machine

Accu-Flo Gas Sensing Machine

The Right Machine for Your Production Requirements

Gas Sensing Machine with Modular Construction

Gas filling of insulated glass units is a proven way of improving U-Values and a way to significantly lower sound transmission by replacing the air in an Insulating Glass unit with:

Argon or Krypton - you can achieve improved R-Values by reducing its heat conductance.

Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6) - with SF6 you can obtain 2 to 3 decibels increase in sound reduction (almost five times the density of air)

The combination of both gases presents numerous possibilities to obtain improvements in both thermal and sound performance of an insulated glass unit.

Available Models

  • 4105 - Sensing, Expandable to 5 Stations
  • 4110 - Sensing, Expandable to 10 Stations
  • 4120 -Additional filling cassettes


  • Sensing Machine - senses the amount of gas within the insulated glass unit.
  • Ease of Operation - insert gas filling and gas sensing nozzles and press the start button.
  • Compact Size - small size of unit allows easy mobility.
  • Modular Construction - allows easy in-plant expansion.
  • Adjustable Flow Rate -adjustable flow rate from 1 liter/min to 9 liters/min allows proper filling rate for all size insulated glass units.
  • Independent Gas Shut Off - allows each different size unit to be filled simultaneously for the greatest production efficiency.
  • Visual Indication - green lights indicate gas filling; red lights indicate idle, ready for the next unit.


  • The Acu-Flo gas sensing machine can provide the highest percent fill of an insulating glass unit while at the same time deliver a minimal of overfilling. By using the latest techniques in gas detection, this gas sensing instrument provides rapid, repeatable and accurate gas analysis.
  • The Accu-Flo gas sensing machine is completely modular. The basic machine consists of a power supply assembly which can hold up to 20 gas filling cassettes. Each cassette is a completely independent gas sensing instrument and can be easily installed by making a simple gas and power connection. This allows for quick, easy repairs and in plant expansion if production volumes increase.
  • The Accu-Flo gas sensing machine has an adjustable filling capacity for both large and small units.

Optional Equipment

Computerized Feed Through System

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