Accu-Tec Muntin/ Spacer Bender


Muntin/ Spacer Bender


  • Nylon rollers (will not scratch muntin surface)
  • Accurately bends flat/ contour muntin bar and spacer bar
  • Tooled to bend two thicknesses of muntin
  • Quick change roller dies for different spacer sizes
  • Rollers can be custom made for many combinations of muntin and spacers
  • Ability to bend tight radius for sunburst style units
  • Quick adjustment for desired radius
  • Pneumatic motor drive with foot pedal


  • Accurately bends muntin to any radius
  • Bends can be duplicated for production
  • Bends are repeatable for production use
  • Able to bend small radius

Optional Equipment:

  • Digital indicator

Operates on clean dry air, 90-150psi (20 CFM)

Computerized Feed Through System

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